Driver for Loewe TV

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This RTI driver is capable of controlling one Loewe TV per driver instance, with either chassis SL121/150/151/155 or chassis L2700/10/15.

The driver has the following general capabilities:

  • Runs on XP-3/6/8 via direct RS232 connection or via TCP/IP and Global Caché iTach device. A RS232 interface is needed in both cases.
  • TV channel names are available as a driver list variable.
  • Favorite lists or the complete program list can be used for zapping.
  • All main system states of the TV are supported via driver commands and variables.
  • All special channels (AV1, HDMI, etc.) can be controlled via driver commands and variables.
  • Driver events are signaled for all important status changes.
  • Presets can be saved and loaded.
  • Messages can be displayed by driver on TV screen.

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Download a trial version of the driver here.

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