Switch Control

(c) 2012 Plenium GmbH, Geschwister Beschütz Bogen 6, 22335 Hamburg, Germany
Plenium Switch Control is intended to be used to configure VLAN configurations on different switches via an RTI processor. It has driver commands for the following tasks:

  • Manage the VLAN membership of up to 10 configured network devices.
  • Manage up to 3 different VLANs.
  • Change the Power over Ethernet power state of each switchport.
  • Send custom configure commands to each swichport.
  • Events and variables which represent the

Please have a look at the compatibility list below, to see which switches are supported.

Although this may be useful in many situations, VLAN reconfiguration has been implemented with the following one in mind: Let’s assume, you have some HDMI over IP devices, connected to a switch. To be able to have more than one sender/transmitter on one physical ethernet, VLANs are required. The normal configuration will be one VLAN for each sender, e.g. one blue ray player (on VLAN 10) and a pay tv receiver (on VLAN 20). Each receiver device can be added to one of those VLAN afterwards, but normally, they will be locked into those VLANs, until somebody comes along with the ability to reconfigure the switch. Plenium Switch Control will be able to make this much easier from the panel.

You have a given number of 3 senders and 10 receivers, which will be defined either by the switch port, they are connected to, or by the MAC of the connected device. The latter has the advantage that the cabling of the devices can change, without the need to reconfigure the panel. Each sender additionally is defined by the VLAN, it broadcasts to.

While the VLAN ID of the 3 sender devices are fixated, driver commands allow to change those of the receivers on the fly.
Besides, it is possible to change the POE (power over ethernet) configuration of each port via driver commands. If you want to configure something completely different on your switches, this is possible as well. The driver is capable of sending any CLI command to the switch. It will be issued in configure mode for the specified port.

Please keep in mind, that it is impossible to combine the configuration of a device via it’s MAC, and it’s power management via driver commands. This is, because only devices which are switched on occur in the MAC address table of a switch, so it is impossible to determine, which port has to be switch

Vendor Model Configuration with MAC Status
DLink DGS 3200 no beta
DES 3200 no beta
HP ProVision 3500 no beta
ProVision 5400zl no beta
ProVision 6200yl no beta
ProVision 6600 no beta
ProVision 8200zl no beta
Netgear GSM 52xx yes stable
GSM 72xx yes stable
FSM 73xx yes stable
GSM 73xx yes stable
Planned:  Dell 62xx, 63xx, Cisco SG300, Cisco Catalyst 2960.
It is very likely, that devices, which belong to the same series of a vendor, are compatible with our driver, even if they are not mentioned here. We only list models as stable, if a working configuration has been reported to us.
If you have managed switches, not supported right now, or compatible devices, not mentioned here, please let us know.